Welcome New Members to the Catskill Hudson Region!

Delighted to have 4 new members join our Regional blog last week at the NOFA-NY Field Day at Anarchy Apiaries. I hope this will be a repeat presentation at our Winter Conference, although the hands-on aspect of the day was really educational. Sam Comfort defies conventional ideas about keeping bees; housing them and “treating” them with medicines, organic or otherwise. His first words to beginning beekeepers is “Buy Nothing.”  Check out the Anarchy Apiary website for more insight as to where Sam is coming from.





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2 responses to “Welcome New Members to the Catskill Hudson Region!

  1. I was so bummed I could not make it to the field day event. Thank you very much for posting the website for Anarchy Apiaries.

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    I am hoping we can repeat this for all the members and none members who are interested in bee-keeping these days. I spotted my first honey bee of the season yesterday foraging on the blossoms of wild Mullien. Sam is convinced that forcing bees to forage on monocrops has damaged their biodiversity as a species. Interesting concept, but I believe he has hit on something.