When Times Get Tough….The Tough Get Farming-Small Farms Continue to Increase

In spite of the continual negative media coverage on the “job” market, the largest growing sector of the economy seems to remain ignored. Food and farming continue to grow, both figuratively and literally.

According to USDA Census reports:  The sector with the largest growth in percentage and absolute terms was farms with less than 50 acres.

Moreover, more small farms in America means more locally produced food, which means less petroleum burned transporting food across the country or around the world. A Cornell University study notes that a “simple but radical reduction in transport distance” would save great amounts of energy; for example, “transporting strawberries from California to New York by air requires 100 kcal of oil per kcal of strawberry imported.”

Jobs are HERE, not only in actual “hands-on” farming, but in farm and food related businesses. It will be a long time before people stop eating.

Visit our  Regional links especially   http://nebeginningfarmers.org/farmers/  and stay tuned as to what is going on in our Region in this important sector of the local economy.



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2 responses to “When Times Get Tough….The Tough Get Farming-Small Farms Continue to Increase

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  2. Jaime Bustillo

    In Ontario, Canada, there is a program called “Farmstart”, that consist among others golas, to assist “new farmers” to to start cropping and produce food to sell in Toronto. This way as the article mentions, save costs on food transportation and reduces price to consumers, creating at same time local jobs. I’mplanning to move to New Rochelle, so I’m wondering if there is a similar program here? to assist newcomers to become famers and provide food to NY city small supermarkets. if not It should be. Thanks.JB