Catskill Locavore Brunch Early Bird Cookery Print Restaurant Forager Chefs Meet Local Farmers

One of the delights of being involved in the local, organic food movement that is sweeping the Catskill and Hudson Valley in New York is attending the food events that champion the work of our local farmers.

Sunday, October  16 Callicoon Center New York

Early Bird Cookery hosted a Sunday brunch featuring a delicious menu of locally sourced ingredients including a smoked trout hash as a starter!

I found the company that gathered for the 10:00 a.m. seating especially inspiring. The chefs and “foragers” for Print Restaurant   located in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC were seated with me. This restaurant, one of many City restaurants spend a great deal of time sourcing and learning about local farm products and are meeting the demands of their customers who crave the superior nutritional and environmentally friendly food sources. This group had gathered following The Pig Mountain Event that was held to celebrate our local food/ farmers and benefit Farmhearts

Johanna Kolodny, the chief forager for Print Restaurant travels throughout the Northeast and beyond, foraging Farmers Markets and farms looking for unique food for Print Restaurant chefs to transform into quality meals. Johanna believes that chef education is critical to helping chefs understand the quality and nuances of local food versus factory farmed animals, fruits and vegetables.

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