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Hurricane Preparedness from Shannon Hayes

Reposted from Shannon Hayes

photo Shannon Hayes

Our Samhain Altar will hopefully be lit each night this week, in spite of the hurricane.

This week’s Tuesday Post is appearing early as we ready ourselves for Hurricane Sandy.  If technology allows, I’ll post updates as we work our way through the storm this week.  For everyone else in her path, please stay safe!
Hurricane Irene was a shock.   Hurricane Lee, only 1 week later, was a freakish incident.  But now, as the winds begin to stir around the house and we brace ourselves for hurricane Sandy, it’s clear to me that what we’re facing is a new weather pattern.
We’ve done our best to prepare.

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NOFA-NY Catskill/Hudson Region

“The Town That Food Saved”

 Thought Provoking Book Discussion

November 13, 6:00 p.m.

ON THE HEELS OF THE LOCAVORE CHALLENGE, which promoted eating locally grown and produced food, gather with us to discuss a  stimulating book on the subject, “The Town That Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food” by Ben Hewitt (Rodale Press, 2009) and explore what might work here.
The book takes an inquisitive peek behind the curtain of a town dubbed “the
Silicon Valley of local food,” Hardwick, Vermont (pop. 3,200)  that jump-started its economy with a stunning number of food-based businesses built by entrepreneurs supporting each other in a variety of ways.

Book discussion participants can purchase the book at Morgan Outdoors for
the discounted price of $19.95 and $17.95 for NOFA-NY members. Books may
also be borrowed from the library.
Participants are welcome to bring a light
local refreshment to share.

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Bio Nutrient Workshop Saratoga Springs October 15

Principles of Biological Systems Identifying Limiting Factors
Biological Inoculation Seed Sorting
Soil & Mineral Balancing Human Health & Disease
Conductivity Meter Refractometer


Date: Monday, October 15, 2012 (

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church, 175 5th Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866



Scholarship money exists and is available for Farmers who wish to register and take the Bionutrient Rich Crop Production 2-session Workshop ( Returning students also get a discount!


The mission of the BFA is, “Increasing Quality in the Food Supply.”


Today, especially our children, need to consume greater than double the amount of Broccoli to get the same amount of Calcium, and greater than triple the amount of Collard Greens to get the same amount of Iron, that we got from eating those vegetables back in 1975!

The 2011 Nutrient Guide ( shows the extremely sad state of the quality of the average crop. The BFA is championing better and improved methods utilizing knowledge and understanding of Biological Systems and identifying limiting factors on the genetic potential of our crops. For example, the average tomato plant produces approximately 5 – 8 pounds of tomatoes, yet the genetic potential is greater than 150 pounds! Today, there is a grower north of Boston, who has taken the BFA Workshop, and who is now growing 14 foot-tall tomato plants!


To learn more, please visit the BFA website (


You will also find videos on the Bionutrient Food Association ( and Dan Kittredge on YouTube and on the BFA website ( Happy Discovering!

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Locavore Challenge Schools and School Gardens Slow Food UpdeRiva

NOFA-NY just finished their annual Locavore Challenge which takes place every year during the month of September. September is a good time to do this. People gather together to celebrate the abundant local New York State harvest and kids go back to school.

In Sullivan County New York an ambitious project was started last spring to start edible gardens in three locations; the Roscoe Central School (which also serves Delaware County), the Sullivan West School in Jeffersonville and an edible garden at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County in Liberty, New York which was maintained by students from the Liberty Central School.

 This  month, Slow Food UpDeRiva is pleased to sponsor a  local barbecue to celebrate the first season’s success of the Catskill Edible Garden Project. All the food served is sourced from local farms.

The Catskill Edible Garden project is a partnership of the Catskill Mountainkeeper, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Sullivan Renaissance,The Center for Workforce Development and The Green Village Initiative. It involves working with area schools to install and maintain edible gardens, with the goal of developing a food-based curriculum. We look forward to more of these working gardens at schools in the region.

Come to the  BBQ at Hills Country Inn on October 14  and learn more. For reservations go to

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