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NOFA-NY just finished their annual Locavore Challenge which takes place every year during the month of September. September is a good time to do this. People gather together to celebrate the abundant local New York State harvest and kids go back to school.

In Sullivan County New York an ambitious project was started last spring to start edible gardens in three locations; the Roscoe Central School (which also serves Delaware County), the Sullivan West School in Jeffersonville and an edible garden at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County in Liberty, New York which was maintained by students from the Liberty Central School.

 This  month, Slow Food UpDeRiva is pleased to sponsor a  local barbecue to celebrate the first season’s success of the Catskill Edible Garden Project. All the food served is sourced from local farms.

The Catskill Edible Garden project is a partnership of the Catskill Mountainkeeper, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Sullivan Renaissance,The Center for Workforce Development and The Green Village Initiative. It involves working with area schools to install and maintain edible gardens, with the goal of developing a food-based curriculum. We look forward to more of these working gardens at schools in the region.

Come to the  BBQ at Hills Country Inn on October 14  and learn more. For reservations go to



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