Bio Nutrient Workshop Saratoga Springs October 15

Principles of Biological Systems Identifying Limiting Factors
Biological Inoculation Seed Sorting
Soil & Mineral Balancing Human Health & Disease
Conductivity Meter Refractometer


Date: Monday, October 15, 2012 (

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church, 175 5th Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866



Scholarship money exists and is available for Farmers who wish to register and take the Bionutrient Rich Crop Production 2-session Workshop ( Returning students also get a discount!


The mission of the BFA is, “Increasing Quality in the Food Supply.”


Today, especially our children, need to consume greater than double the amount of Broccoli to get the same amount of Calcium, and greater than triple the amount of Collard Greens to get the same amount of Iron, that we got from eating those vegetables back in 1975!

The 2011 Nutrient Guide ( shows the extremely sad state of the quality of the average crop. The BFA is championing better and improved methods utilizing knowledge and understanding of Biological Systems and identifying limiting factors on the genetic potential of our crops. For example, the average tomato plant produces approximately 5 – 8 pounds of tomatoes, yet the genetic potential is greater than 150 pounds! Today, there is a grower north of Boston, who has taken the BFA Workshop, and who is now growing 14 foot-tall tomato plants!


To learn more, please visit the BFA website (


You will also find videos on the Bionutrient Food Association ( and Dan Kittredge on YouTube and on the BFA website ( Happy Discovering!


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