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Happy New Year for Mid-Hudson Economic Growth New York State

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced that the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council was selected as a “Best Plan Awardee” and allocated $93 million in the second round of the State’s Regional Economic Development Councils competition.
As the centerpiece of the Governor’s strategy to jumpstart the economy and create jobs, the Regional Councils were put in place in 2011 to redesign the state’s approach to economic development from a top-down model to a community-based, performance-driven approach. The initiative empowers community, business, and academic leaders, as well as members of the public in each region of the state, to develop strategic plans specifically tailored to their region’s unique strengths and resources in order to create jobs and support economic growth.
This year as part of the second round of the funding process, Governor Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy traveled to all ten regions of the state to view progress on projects that have received state funding, as well as assess projects included in the region’s 2012 application.
In this year’s competition, the Mid-Hudson region was awarded $92.8 million for 84 projects across seven counties. Some of the winning projects include:
• $3 million to establish the New York State Cloud Computing and Analytics Center at Marist College that will facilitate operations for technology based firms by providing workforce training and reducing overhead
• $2 million to develop the site of the closed Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center in Dutchess County, including upgrading a Metro-North train station, a commercial/retail area, 9-hole golf course, community center, and 200 units of housing
• $1.5 million for the expansion of the Echo Bay Waterfront in New Rochelle that will reclaim current commercial/industrial land and provide access to the water’s edge for city residents and regional communities alike
• $1.2 million for the construction of a mile-long Hudson Landing Promenade along the Hudson River straddling the City of Kingston/Town of Ulster municipal boundary on an old industrial site
• $1 million to build an iBio Incubator that will offer laboratory, office space and services for entrepreneurs and start-up biotechnology companies, and provide specialized workforce training for established biotechnology companies in the region
• $1 million for Touro College to use the now vacant Horton Hospital in Middletown to house a school of osteopathic medicine. The new school would help bolster the number of medical professionals in the Mid-Hudson region.
• $1 million for the preservation and redevelopment of the iconic 1904 Glenwood Power Plant on the Hudson River in Yonkers for a mixed-use program would create a social, business and cultural destination
• $775,000 to create a Hudson Valley Food Hub that will provide processing and marketing opportunities to farmers and other food producers, leveraging the region’s outstanding agricultural resources. Strengthening the area’s food distribution infrastructure will help retain and stimulate an economic sector that also supports tourism and the region’s natural resources.
• $500,000 to develop the Matrix Distribution Park in Newburgh, including the construction of a 550,000 square foot manufacturing/distribution facility at the intersection of I-84 & I-87 with the goal of attracting a Fortune 500 caliber company to this location
To learn more about Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Councils that are creating jobs throughout our state, click here.

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