If you are a constituent of Representative Gibson, Representative Grimm, Representative Hanna, Representative Peter King, Representative Reed, or Representative Chris Collins please make a very important call to protect people who need SNAP/food stamps.

A bill that would deny food stamps to 4-6 million people is headed to the House floor – maybe as early as September 18.  Every Representative should hear how terrible this bill is.  But if you live in the districts above, your voice is especially important.  These Representatives are needed to pass this awful bill.  But they may be persuadable upon hearing that their constituents feel very strongly that this would be a disastrous decision.  We are asking people around the country in such targeted districts to call, and you’re part of this very important group.

If you’re in one of these districts, please call their office right away – call this toll-free number:  866-456-8824 The message will ask for your zip code, and you’ll be connected right to your Rep’s office.  Ask to talk to someone who works on SNAP/food stamps.  Say something like this:

As your constituent, I urge you to vote against the nutrition-only farm bill which would cut $40 billion and 4-6 million people from SNAP/food stamps.  This bill would be devastating to struggling people in our state – poor children, workers, and seniors.  Slashing this assistance is unprecedented and will increase hunger.  Will Rep. ____ vote against the bill?

Click here to tell us how your Representative responded.  If they don’t know his position, say you’ll call back the next day to check in.  Did we mention this is very important?

(Thanks to Feeding America for generously sharing the toll-free number!)

And when the consequences are this harsh, every Rep should be getting calls.  So, whether or not your Rep is listed above:

Participate in a national call-in day to protect SNAP on Tuesday, September 17th. Call the toll-free hotline at 1-866-456-8824 – and give the same message as above. Share this flyer with others who might make the phone call.

What’s bad about this bill? You can read a lot about that in a blog by Jim Weill, President of the Food Research and Action Center, or in a Center on Budget and Policy Priorities paper (the latter has estimates of the impact in states.)  But a few points:  the bill would deny SNAP to millions of poor, jobless adults without children whose income averages only about one-fifth of the poverty line – about $2,500 a year.  It would also end benefits for a whole family if a parent is not working at least 20 hours per week, even if her/his child is only one year old, and even if unemployment remains high.  And the bill gives states a REWARD for cutting off families – the state gets 50 percent of the reduced costs. Hundreds of thousands of children will lose free school meals.  For decades, there has been bipartisan support for making sure that poor people can get the modest but vital SNAP benefits.  You can help preserve a bipartisan majority that says that making millions hungrier is just too extreme. And let House leaders know that they can’t be so reckless with people’s lives just to satisfy their most extreme members.




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