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Ramp Festival Slow Food UpdeRiva Celebrates the Arrival of Ramps

Slow Food UpdeRiva

On May 6th, at the Callicoon Farmer’s Market, Slow Food UpDeRiVa will be celebrating the Ramp, one of this region’s most wonderful wild delicacies.
Courtesy of Sullivan County Farmers Market, we’ll be hosting demonstrations, recipes, and tastings.
Ramp Recipes and Classes
11:00 – 12:00    Quick basics:  How to make ramp butter and ramp pickles
12:00 – 1:00    Bob Eckert of Northern Farmhouse Pasta, will join us with samples and demonstrations. Have you had his ramp ravioli? It’s pure joy in a dumpling.
   1:00 – 200   Ethical Ramping: How to find, harvest, and transplant ramps.
  Slow Food UpdeRiva will  also have a cookbook, totebags, and maps available for the Ramp Tramp.
2:00- 3:00    Relocating and caravanning to the Ramp Tramp in Callicoon Center
3:00   Ramp Tramp
Channery Hill Farm, 77 Keller Rd, Callicoon Center NY
 Meet at the house, then tramp up the hill, where we’ll forage for ramps, and maybe some other seasonal plants as well.
4:00 Ramp Cook
Once harvested, we’ll cook the ramps in as many ways as possible.
6:00 Ramp Potluck
Channery Hill Farm,  77 Keller Rd, Callicoon Center NY
After we’ve walked and dug all day, let’s just sit and eat and invite everybody else to join us.
For more information:http://slowfoodupderiva.org/

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